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Good environment, clean air & water, healthy nutritious food matters a lot & this can be achievable at Test Needs

Living in good environment , breathing clean air, drinking good water ,growing and eating healthy nutritious foods matters a lot , but this can be achievable at testneeds.


Our Services

We provide wide range of testing services to Farmers, Industry Owners and Nurseries throughout Australia.


Food/Produce Chemical & Biological Contamination Testing

Food contamination refers to something gets into food which should not be present, which can cause consumer illness ranging from minor gastric problems to major health fatalities.


Drinking Water Testing

Drinking water or tap water is assumed to be safe, but it is not always fit-for-purpose and may have chemical or biological contaminants which can accumulate in our body and cause health issues.


Site Contamination Testing

Site contamination involves occurrences of chemical substances or microorganisms on or below the site surface which are potentially harmful to human health.


Agricultural Soil Chemical & Biological Testing

Healthy soil equals healthy plants. Identification of soil nutrients helps to improve productivity and to optimize use of fertilizer by indicating appropriate rates for different soils and crops.


Agricultural Plant Tissue Chemical & Biological Testing

Chemical analysis of plant leaves and other organs is called plant tissue analysis useful to know is availability of a nutrient translated from soil.


Agricultural Water Chemical & Biological Testing

In agriculture water is obtained from various sources such as streams, bores or dams. Depending upon source of water it may have variation in quality.


Food Nutrition Testing

Find our the Energy content, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate, Sugars and Sodium content in the package food using our testing service.


Sam Halligan

We hired Test Needs to check chemical contamination in our farm. We received excellent service from Test Needs team regarding our fertiliser use and pesticide usage. Thank you Test Needs.

Luke Bowen

Test Needs provided excellent solutions for the low yield problems I was facing in my farm. They pointed out the nutrient deficiencies in the plant and provided apt solutions on how to curb these issues.

Mason Burns

We hire Test Needs regularly to monitor water quality and they always provide the best service. We can say our water source is kept safe and reliable thanks to Test Needs.




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We work with farmers, industry owners and nurseries throughout Australia to make their soil, water and food contaminant free. Contact us now to book consultation.