Note: Walk-in samples are accepted at our Somerton lab on Tuesdays and Fridays. Postal and courier samples are received throughout the week.


Soil, Water, and Food Testing Laboratory in Melbourne

Welcome to Test Needs, a testing laboratory based in Melbourne, Victoria. It’s part of Plant Needs’ agri-consulting initiative. Based in Melbourne, Australia, our mission is to ensure the purity and safety of our sustenance, surroundings, and air by conducting comprehensive soil testing, water testing, food testing, and site contamination testing, shielding them from hazardous substances and noxious gases. Since 2006, our journey began in soil and plant nutrition consultancy, positively impacting over 10,000 Australians. Our expertise and scientific testing approaches empower us to analyse agricultural terrain for both nutrition and contamination factors.

Diversifying our services, Test Needs now extends its reach to assist industrial proprietors and the general public in comprehensively testing their food, water, and air quality before consumption. Additionally, we aid landowners and enterprises in assessing their sites and lands for potential contamination through site contamination testing, ensuring healthier living conditions.

Central to our approach is education and consciousness-raising about the perils of toxic chemicals and potential sources of food contamination, including hazardous agricultural inputs like pesticides and fertilizers. We staunchly advocate the utilisation of natural agricultural inputs across all farms to uphold health and environmental integrity.

Our Vision and Mission

We firmly believe that a foundation of healthy soil yields thriving plants, which in turn support animals, culminating in the well-being of human beings.

A sound environment, unpolluted air, and pure water translate into robust human well-being. Act now for a cleaner world, inhale fresh air, and savour nutritious food. Yet, if uncertainties arise, prioritise testing before consumption. The supportive Test Needs team is here to guide you, offering insights and fulfilling your testing requirements.


Guarantee Safety with Our Testing Services

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