Test Needs is a part of Plant Needs agri-consulting business. We are based in Melbourne, Australia. At Test Needs we focus on making what we eat, what we breath and where we live clean and safe from poisonous gas and dangerous chemicals. We started consulting in soil and plant nutrition in the year 2006 and served more than 5000 Australians with our high skills of analytical approaches in testing agriculture land for its nutrition and contamination.

Test Needs is now extending its services by helping the industry owners and common man to have their food, water and air tested before they consume them. We will help the land owners and businesses to have their site and land tested for any contamination so that they can live a Healthy Life.

Our approach is to educate and create awareness on the risk in handling the poisonous chemicals and also to know the potential cause for the food to contaminate like by using poisonous agro inputs such as pesticides and fertilisers. This is why we always recommend using natural agro-inputs in all farms.

Our slogan is always one, Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy Animals = Healthy Human Beings.

Healthy environment, healthy air & water will always lead to a healthy human lives. So before it is too late, take action today by living in clean environment, by breathing clean air and by consuming healthy food. However in case if you have any concerns please test them before you consume. Here at Test Needs our friendly team will help you to give more information or to test your needs.