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Acid Sulphate Soil Contamination Testing in Melbourne

Understanding Acid Sulphate Soils:

Acid-sulphate soils containing iron sulphides, primarily pyrite (FeS2), are safe in their natural state. However, disturbing them during excavation exposes them to atmospheric oxygen, leading to oxidation. This process produces iron compounds and sulfuric acid (H2SO4), posing threats to steel, concrete structures, and the environment—plants, animals, and water bodies due to acidification.

Managing the risks:

For planned construction or ongoing site management, understanding the presence of acid-sulphate soils and their risks is crucial. The surge in development activities across Australia has made assessing and managing these soils integral to planning and approval processes.

Addressing risks proactively:

Engaging in acid-sulphate soil testing before construction begins is advisable. This proactive approach helps recognise the presence of these soils and devise strategies to mitigate potential disturbances and their environmental impacts. By recognizing these risks, we contribute to responsible and sustainable development practices.

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