Plant Tissue Testing

Chemical analysis of plant leaves and other organs is called plant tissue analysis useful to know is availability of a nutrient translated from soil. Factors such as temperature, humidity, soil moisture, plant diseases etc., also have affect on the uptake rate of nutrients.

In other words plant analysis reflects not only nutritional status of the plant but also nutrient availability in the soil.

Nutrients concentration in the plants is constantly changing and may vary month to month and even from day to day with difference in nutrients levels between various parts of the same plant.

The most common aim of plant analysis is identification of nutrient deficiencies or excess.

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Objective and Usefulness of Plant Tissue Testing

  • To identify nutrient deficiencies and imbalances or toxicities.
  • To monitor and adjust your crop fertility plan.
  • To measures the efficacy of fertilization and nutrient programs to meet a crop’s specific needs.
  • To confirm visual deficiency of nutrients.
  • To detect hidden hunger of nutrient which is difficult to capture by visual inspection.
  • To compare nutritional variances between normal and abnormal sections of fields.