Soil chemical test

(Ammonium N, Nitrate N, Phosphorus (Colwell), Phosphorus Buffer Index (PBI), Exchangeable Cations (Ca, K, Mg, Na, CEC), Exchangeable Aluminium (KCl), Sulphur (KCl 40oC), Sulphur (MCP), pH (1:5 water) & pH (1:5 CaCl2), Electrical Conductivity (1:5 water), Chloride, Organic Carbon (Walkley & Black), Texture (Hand Bolus) & Soil Colour, Boron (hot CaCl2), Copper, Iron, Manganese & Zinc (DTPA), Cobalt and Molybdenum)

Test Code: TNFSNT01

Soil biological test

(Total microorganisms, Total bacteria, Total fungi, Microbial diversity, Fungi:Bacteria ratio, Bacterial stress, Bacteria (Pseudomonas, Actinomycetes, Gram positive, gram negative, Methane oxidisers, Sulphur reducers, True anaerobes) Eukaryotes (Protozoa, Mycorrhizal fungi (Including VAM)), Microbial soil indicators (Nutrient solubilisation rate, Nutrient cycling rate, Disease resistance, Drought resistance, Nutrient accessibility (VAM), Residue breakdown rate and Overall microbial balance)

Test Code: TNFSBT01

Glyphosate, AMPA & Glufosinate

Test Code: TNFSCT04


Test Code: TNFSCT05

Complete analysis

(Soil chemical test & Soil biological test)

Test Code: TNFSNT01 & TNFSBT01


(Crop health test)

Test Code: TNFCHT01

Pythium & Phytophthora

(Crop health test)

Test Code: TNFCHT02


(Crop health test)

Test Code: TNFCHT03

Black root rot

(Thielaviopsis) (Crop health test)

Test Code: TNFCHT04


(Crop health test)

Test Code: TNFCHT05

Nem wise (Crop health test) (Pathogenic and beneficial nematodes counts)

Test Code: TNFCHT06

OC pesticides

Test Code: TNFSCT01

OP pesticides

Test Code: TNFSCT02

Heavy metals

Test Code: TNFSCT03

Complementary Interpretation of test results and recommendation by agronomist
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