Drinking water testing

Human body is made up of approximately 70% of water. Hence, clean water is essential for normal functioning of our body. Drinking water or tap water is assumed to be safe, but it is not always fit-for-purpose and may have chemical or biological contaminants which can accumulate in our body and cause health issues.

Local council purify raw water from wells, lakes, rivers and others sources before it’s supply to consumers.

Despite of all efforts it’s practically impossible for government to supply 100% pure water each and every time and able to supply safe water very close to 100%. Further there is a probability of water contamination during traverse of water from purification source.

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Types of Drinking Water Contaminants

In drinking water from tap there is high probability of chemical and biological contamination rather than physical and radiological contamination.

Also there are higher chances of leaching of lead and copper from pipes and plumbing products rather than coming from municipal water.  Furthermore, other chemicals may leach from plastic and asbestos pipes.

Water Testing Benefits

  • For owners and tenants to ensure health of family.
  • For sensitive occupants such as schools, hospitals and clubs to ensure health of their patron.
  • For restaurant owners to ensure health of their customers.
  • For corporate houses, offices, factories and companies to ensure health of their employees.
  • It is recommended that water should be tested at least once or twice in a year depending on number and age of consumers.