There can be many reasons for food contamination, but particularly there are physical, chemical, and biological aspects. The food testing labs are a boon for consumers and sellers.

But the evaluation of food contamination is not easy as it contains hidden harmful substances that are difficult to detect with the eye. Thus, to maintain the high standard of food quality, food testing provides assurance and guarantee.

Components of Food Testing:

Biological Contamination:

Herein, biological contamination occurs due to the presence of harmful germs, bacteria, microorganisms, etc., which can lead to food spoilage and food poisoning. You might have taken extra care and precautions to meet the desired food quality. But Salmonella testing and E. coli testing can free the food products from the poisonous bacteria.

Chemical Contamination:

Chemical contamination usually constitutes chemical interference with the food, such as pesticides, fungicides, etc., and it happens due to the usage of unhealthy kitchen equipment or food containers that are made from non-safe plastics, etc. And the relevance of chemical testing labs is raised due to the issues of allergies, illness, injuries, etc. related to food contamination.

Physical Contamination:

The physical contamination occurs when a physical object enters the food, and it can include hair, glass, metal, dirt, jewellery, finger nails, etc. Thus, the best way to prevent this type of contamination is by taking the following measures: proper cleaning, sanitising techniques, proper storage, and maintaining personal hygiene.

Cross Contamination:

Cross-contamination occurs when the contamination happens accidentally, especially in the case of food handling, improper food storage, improper cleaning, and water disposal.

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