OC pesticides

Test Code: TNSCT01

OP pesticides

Test Code: TNSCT02

Petroleum hydrocarbons

Test Code: TNSCT03

Polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons

Test Code: TNSCT04

Heavy metals and other metals

Test Code: TNSCT05

Asbestos check

Test Code: TNSCT06

Acid sulphate soil testing SPOCAS

Test Code: TNSCT07


Test Code: TNSCT08

Letter of clean fill

Test Code: TNSCT09

TCLP leachate procedure (Sample leachate procedure) Voletile

Test Code: TNSCT10

TCLP leachate procedure (Sample leachate procedure) Non Voletile

Test Code: TNSCT11

VIC EPA IWRG (Industrial waste resource guidelines) 621 (Full Victoria EPA screening for soil classification)

Test Code: TNSCT12

Other Test On Demand