Note: Walk-in samples are accepted at our Somerton lab on Tuesdays and Fridays, 9 AM to 3 PM. Postal and courier samples are received throughout the week.


Water Testing and Water Quality Analysis in Melbourne

It is impossible to overstate the importance of clean water for the human body’s optimal functioning, as it comprises roughly 70% water. While most people consider drinking water, including tap water, safe, it may not always meet its intended purpose. It can potentially harbour chemical or biological contaminants that tend to accumulate within our bodies, leading to health concerns. Hence, water testing becomes crucial.

Before raw water from wells, lakes, rivers, and other reservoirs reaches consumers, local councils go through a purification process.

However, despite the considerable efforts, achieving 100% pure water supply at all times becomes an impractical endeavour for the government. Yet, the aim is to provide water that’s as safe as possible. Additionally, there is a possibility of water contamination during the transmission of water from the purification source.

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Agricultural Water Testing

Diverse outlets such as streams, boreholes, or dams provide water for agriculture. The water quality diverges based on the origin, influencing plant health and soil characteristics. Regular water quality assessment through testing ensures a dependable and secure source.

Objectives and Benefits:

  • Detecting contamination in water supplies.
  • Analysing heavy metal concentrations.
  • Assessing the suitability of water for plant growth.

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Advantages of Water Quality Analysis

  • Ensuring family well-being for homeowners and tenants.
  • Prioritising patron health in sensitive sites like schools, hospitals, and clubs.
  • Guaranteeing customer wellness in restaurants.
  • Promoting employee health in corporate spaces, offices, factories, and companies.
  • Recommended regular testing (1-2 times a year) is based on consumer count and age.

Make water quality a priority with consistent water testing. Choose a healthier tomorrow with Test Needs, your trusted partner for water quality testing in Melbourne and beyond.

Categories of Drinking Water Contaminants

In tap water, the prominence of chemical and biological contaminants prevails over physical and radiological pollutants.

Additionally, the likelihood of lead and copper leaching from pipes and plumbing items surpasses that from municipal water sources. Additionally, plastic and asbestos pipes could discharge other chemicals into the water.

Ensure the health of your water with reliable drinking water testing near you.

Comprehensive Water Testing Services for Various Sources

  • Boreholes, Wells, and Rainwater Tanks
  • Bottled Water Analysis
  • Cooling Water Assessment
  • Drinking water quality checks
  • Effluent Water Examination
  • Estuarine and marine water testing
  • Freshwater Analysis
  • Groundwater Evaluation
  • Irrigation Water Assessment
  • Saline Water Analysis
  • Storm Water, Drain, and Sewage Water Testing
  • Surface water quality checks
  • Swimming Pool and Spa Water Assessment
  • Waste Water Analysis

Water Testing FAQ

What is water testing?

Water testing is the systematic analysis of water samples to determine the presence or concentration of contaminants, pollutants, or substances.

How much does a Water Test cost?

We offer highly competitive pricing for water testing services, starting at $90 (excl. GST). To get an accurate cost estimate for your specific testing needs, please visit this link or contact us directly.

How do I send my sample for testing?

You can securely courier your sample to our facility at Unit 8/144 Hume Hwy, Somerton, Victoria, 3062. Alternatively, you can drop off your sample in person; we accept walk-in samples at the same address every Tuesday and Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. We will require 500 ml of water for either chemical or microbiological analysis, and 750 ml of water for complete analysis.

Which bottle should I use to send the sample?

To ensure accurate testing, we recommend using sterile plastic or glass bottles and wearing gloves when collecting your water sample. It’s essential that the sample reach us within three days from the time of collection. To maintain the sample’s integrity, we require that it be stored and transported in a thermobox. If you choose to drop off the sample, please follow the same procedure.

How do I initiate the water testing process?

To start the water testing process, reach out to us with a description of the testing service you require. Following your enquiry, we will get back to you with a quotation. Once you are happy with our pricing, please courier your water sample to our address or drop it off. Our expert team will conduct the necessary tests and provide you with detailed results.

How soon can I expect to receive my test results?

Our commitment to prompt service means that we typically process and deliver results within 5-7 working days (Monday to Friday). In the event that a retest is necessary, please allow an additional 2 days for result processing.

alec lucke
alec lucke
We have found the tests to be thorough and informative and are implementing the recommendations for the trace mineral sprays. We will be using the recommendations elsehwere in our garden as well, for plants with similar ph requirements. We are hopeful - time will tell. Many thanks. Alec
John Smith
John Smith
Gennadi Rosin
Gennadi Rosin
Professional service and friendly staff
Trent N
Trent N
I had my soil testing done from Test Needs. I am impressed with their service and the suggestions that were given to improve the soil quality.

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