Food Nutritional Analysis ensures that the food has an optimal requirement of vitamins and minerals, wherein the examination of nutrition in food helps in understanding the fat proportion, carbohydrates dilution, proteins, fibre, sugar, etc. And thereafter, the appropriate presence of nutritional value assists in fulfilling the compliance regulations matched by the national and international bodies.

Nutritional analysis is a compulsory requirement for the food product manufacturing industry, as it’s necessary for the products to get launched. Thus, have a scan of the food product’s nutritional value and be rest assured.

Components of Food Nutritional Analysis:

Nutritional analysis instills a sense of confidence in the marketer or seller. As it guarantees the proportion of nutrition in the food, in order to make consumers aware, it’s a must requirement for every manufacturer.

With a methodological and modern approach, the tests in the laboratory are conducted by experts to ensure the health standards and various compositions of the food. The test includes the components of calcium, cholesterol, dietary fibre, iron, sodium, vitamin D, and potassium. And it also includes the moisture content.

And thereby, the analysis helps in determining the shelf life of food, which provides an idea of its expiration date, while the detailed report provides insights on the reasons and causes of a particular expiration date of the product.

Food Nutritional Analysis Process:

The food nutrition inspection takes place in a certified laboratory. Additionally, the study guides in assessing the presence of allergens in the food, whereas the study of microbiology aids in knowing about the presence of harmful microbes, if any, in the food.

And as we have a comprehensive mechanism of lab testing, we provide reports that are on par with the FDA by furnishing the facts and labelling the food. Contact us today to assess the nutritional value of your food or produce and get a free quote.